The contents of “Ba-Shu History of Science and Technology” take up a single volume of A General History of Ba-Shu Culture. This paper attempts to explore compilation modes of the history of local science and technology by analyzing the compilation of “Shu History of Science and Technology”. There are three approaches available, i.e. a general history-based approach, a discipline-based approach and an integrated approach, also known as a discipline-specific approach based on general history. This paper considers the integrated approach to be the most feasible as it elaborates Ba-Shu culture as a sub-culture of Chinese culture, the connotations of Ba-Shu achievements in science and technology, the special significance of the history of Ba-Shu science and technology, as well as the latest progress in studying the history of Ba-Shu science and technology. This paper also puts forward a possible choice to better approach the compilation of the history of local science and technology, reveals areas worth improving, and indicates a proper direction to move towards.



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