Probing the proposition of “Chinese Approaches for Expanding the Choice of Paths for Modernization in Developing Countries” is of great theoretical and practical significance. To comprehend its great theoretical and practical significance is a demonstration of the global significance of Chinese approaches. The design of world economic issues and the direction of globalized development and governance can be directed through Chinese approaches and the prosperous development of scientific socialism in the 21st century can be realized by applying Chinese experience, wisdom and strength via Chinese approaches for building a community of shared interest and a shared future for mankind. The historical inevitability, realistic possibility and internal logic for expanding the path to modernization for developing countries with Chinese approaches can be revealed by analyzing the options for modernization in developing countries, comparing the three paths to modernization, displaying the significance of modernization through Chinese approaches and demonstrating their effects. Moreover, the ideological connotations, spiritual essence and basic values of Chinese solutions are expounded following the principle of integrity in Marxism thus demonstrating the true meaning and vitality of the integrity of time, space, practice and theories of the Chinese approaches.



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