Through reform and opening up, China has moved from the edge of the world arena to the center and this great historical change in its development has created new requirements for the innovation of Chinese discourse. The remarkable achievements of reform and opening up have not only maintained the vitality of Chinese discourse, but also built the inherent foundation for holding confidence in discourse. The key reason why the policy of reform and opening up has facilitated the historic construction of Chinese discourse is that it is a scientific answer to the questions of our times about how to build socialism in a country relatively backward in the level of economy and education. In a new era for the cause of socialism with Chinese characteristics, the innovations and development of Chinese discourse have shown new features rarely seen before, among which the most significant is that constructing Chinese discourse is no longer a matter of individual cases but more of a common phenomenon. In the historic journey towards an all-round in-depth reform, broader theoretical space has been created for Chinese discourse. In addition, it is an important signpost in the path of promoting innovative development of Chinese discourse in a new era, namely, how to “tell China’s stories well”, and establish an appropriate mode for conveying Chinese discourse to the world



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