In October 2014, the State Council of the People’s Republic of China promulgated Opinions on Accelerating the Development of Sports Industry and Promoting Sports Consumption, significant changes have taken place in China’s economy and society which have moved into a new stage of high-quality development. The Chinese government has raised requirements for development with higher quality, satisfying the people’s new consumption concepts and the aspirations of people to live a better life and promoting the integration of digital technology, smart technology and conventional industries. Such requirements have also created a new environment and new conditions for the development of the sports industry. This paper summarizes “eight new changes” in the development environment that China’s sports industry has undergone over the last five years, including development concepts, development levels, urbanization, the aging population, technology applications, strategic investors, media broadcasters and educational concepts. This paper also analyses “four new challenges” including the emergence of new sports events, the emergence of multicomponent entertainment programs, the decline of professionalism and concentration, and the constraint of total consumption time. This paper also proposes “three new ideas” to deal with such changes and challenges through continuous innovation, acceptance of new sports forms, and a better role played by the government. Making all such aspects right, the Chinese sports industry will be able to realize sustainable and rapid development allowing China to become a leader in the sports industry in the near future



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