From the perspectives of the prosperity of the Sui and Tang dynasties, the rise and fall of the aristocrats and the prevalence of the imperial examination, this paper studies the impact of family precepts, rules, and ethics on children’s education. I believe that an important feature of family precepts in the Tang Dynasty was the development of the cultural tradition of poetry and literature study within the family, which promoted virtues like loyalty, filial piety, diligence, frugality and modesty and had a profound influence on future generations. The rise and fall of Tang Dynasty families was closely related to family precepts, rules, ethics, and learning. Famous and respectable families often regarded these traits as important means to maintain the family’s status, which objectively promoted the development of family scholarship and the importance of children’s education in the Tang Dynasty. The concept of learning as a “carry-on treasure” has become a common belief among scholars and has played a positive role in educating Chinese society, enriching our culture, and keeping society in order



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