Biogas is a clean energy source with high value for the comprehensive development and utilization of the Qinba Mountain area. Promoting biogas in the Qinba Mountain area can effectively solve the energy dilemma in the construction of a new socialist countryside. However, the promotion and usage of biogas are faced with economic, technical, and policy obstacles. The government and farmers of the five provinces and one municipality in the Qinba Mountain area have invested time and resources to build household biogas pools and related supporting facilities. Whether these facilities can continue to play a role or not has become the most important issue faced by these farmers. Based on the inputs and outputs of biogas processes in the Qinba Mountain area, we present an analysis of the factors affecting the construction, maintenance, operations, and utilization of biogas in this area, and put forward relevant suggestions for the healthy and sustainable development of household biogas in the Qinba Mountain area.



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