The “Park City” concept presents a new, urban development model that can be used as a guide for planning the growth of a city. Advancing the transformation of Chengdu into a park city is an important and unique strategic option for maintaining and strengthening the Chengdu-Chongqing economic circle. The construction of a park city in Chengdu has many potentially positive and favorable outcomes, including maintaining natural ecosystems while improving biodiversity, livability, and enhancing the city’s historical and cultural heritage, all while establishing Chengdu as a national leader for this new urban development model. In recent years, park city scenescape modeling and the resulting ecological value transformations have been analyzed through theory, mechanism designs, and limited practice, but throughout the explorations on scenescape building and ecological value transformations, the actual construction of a park city is still facing many problems. This article argues that Chengdu should take lessons from the advanced experience in urban ecological construction efforts of other cities, both in China and overseas, focusing on sustained scenescape building, theoretical research in ecological value transformations, establishing meaningful and compatible interaction mechanisms between ecological value transformations and capital markets, improving the levels of planning and designing needed for scenescape building, establishing innovative scenescape building and ecological value transformations management systems and mechanisms, and cultivating park city scenescape brands. Related and detailed scenescape building and ecological value transformation measurement and policy suggestions are also provided in this article.



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