The Manual of Calligraphy by Sun Guoting of the Tang: A Comprehensive Study on the Manuscript and Its Author is one of the representative monographs by the Italian sinologist Pietro De Laurentis, which includes the textual and historical research of Sun Guoting (a famous calligrapher and calligraphic theorist in the Tang Dynasty) and his calligraphy. The integrity and circulation of Shu pu (one of Sun Guoting’s most famous calligraphic works, which is an important work of traditional Chinese calligraphic theory) and its textual content and visual form, featuring meticulous historical analysis and unique insights, have created a dialogue with the existing studies of Shu pu in China. The English translation of Shu pu and historical records regarding Sun Guoting are presented in this monograph, with informative notes in the translation that convey Sun Guoting’s aesthetic ideas and experiences while learning calligraphy. This book enriches the studies of calligraphy history in China by presenting a new perspective and approach, and the research-based translations provide inspiration and reference for the transmission of Chinese calligraphy in the West





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