The promotion of smart manufacturing is a crucial move that will enable Chengdu to build a major growth pole for high-quality national development and shape a new growth powerhouse. In recent years, Chengdu’s capability has made marked progress in smart manufacturing, significantly enhancing the capability for independent innovation, gradually optimizing development factor allocations, relentlessly strengthening pilot and demonstration effects, and constantly emerging collaborative service platforms. The development of Chengdu’s smart manufacturing can be summarized in four points: taking a holistic approach to top-down design, raising policy incentives for innovative talents, creating a favorable environment for industrial innovation, and building service platforms to promote innovation. In the new era, Chengdu should continue to explore the best possible path to smart manufacturing and target high-quality development of local manufacturing industries by making the following efforts: a) optimizing top-down design for better policy guidance; b) focusing on technological innovation to improve corresponding innovation capability; c) forging service platforms to break barriers to development; d) strengthening lateral communications to promote collaborative transformation; and e) building leading enterprises and brands native to Chengdu.





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