Based on available survey data and related literature regarding the employment intentions of high-level talent in Sichuan province, the factors influencing employment intentions were policy support, livability degree, social relations, and employment environments. By using the maximum likelihood estimation (MLE) function of structural equation modeling (SEM), the results indicated that these factors, if positive, could significantly enhance intentions to work in Sichuan. The cultural climate seems to have no obvious effect on intentions, but it indeed indirectly enhances their intentions by influencing the employment environments. To this end, provincial government authorities should carry out targeted policy support and campaigns to maximize the likelihood of attracting high-level talent. Efforts should also be made to maximize pull factors and minimize push factors to improve talent services and build a favorable living, working, and cultural environment for talent. Meanwhile, high-level talent should also make full use of the social capital and seize employment opportunities in a timely and accurate manner





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