Natural history, a discipline of ecological significance, is regaining popularity in China, especially after 2010, thanks to the promotion of academics in the history of science and technology. A series of natural history books have been published, creating a publishing boom. Natural history books in China are experiencing growth in numbers and genre with more accurate segmentation in themes, indicating that the natural history publication trade is going to mature. By genre, most natural history books are primary, focusing on basic knowledge about birds, animals, and plants, while the secondary books focusing on the historical and theoretical study of natural history make up only a small portion. In the early 20th century, natural history books saw a boom driven by peoples’ enthusiastic pursuit of science. Today, natural history books follow the tides of building an ecological civilization, reaching out to the domain of “natural history and the public.” There will be broad prospects for books featuring “natural history +,” such as “natural history + painting,” “natural history + literature,” “natural history + food,” and “natural history + tourism.”




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