A Rainbow in the Mountains: Dress of the Yao, an album of pictures and texts on Yao clothing, the most comprehensive and systematic record of the dazzling costumes of the Yao ethnic minority which has been inscribed on the national intangible cultural heritage list of China since 2006, is of great academic value and practical significance to study the profound connotation of the Yao traditional culture. The various styles, colorful dress customs, and exquisite craftsmanship constitute the beautiful cultural landscape within the Yao ethnic minority, as well as the way to explore all the social aspects of the Yao ethnic minority. This book review aims to arouse the attention of all sectors of the community to the clothing of the Yao ethnic minority, which has met the greatest challenge of the collection and protection of the Yao costumes and ornaments. Thus it is expected to sort out and retain those precious records that have been drifting away via pictures and texts, which we have already started and will continue to do in accord with the national cultural development strategy




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