With the advent of new technologies, China is faced with the practical need to enhance its international communication capacity and address reforms in the modes, content, and channels of international communication. Therefore, more efforts should be made to further enrich the participants in international communication by optimizing China’s four-level journalism communication system and crafting a “great external publicity pattern.” Guiding and promoting county-level convergence media centers to participate in international communication is conducive to promoting the building of a vertical international communication system and a multi-level integrated communication matrix and facilitating the resource alignment and information sharing between domestic and international communication. In practice, some county-level convergence media centers in China have achieved certain results in international communication. A good example is the Chengdu Hi-tech Industrial Development Zone (CDHT), a pioneer in the reform of Chinese county-level convergence media. Therefore, this paper has used CDHT as an example to discuss the reality and basic conditions for Chinese county-level convergence media centers to participate in international communication and put forward general paths for county-level convergence media centers to engage in international communication.





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