Zhuge Liang, a well-known figure with rich cultural implications in Chinese history, has exerted profound influences on the spiritual life of the Chinese nation. In the ACGN context, new cultural implications have been attached to him, which offset some of the classic implications of the character forged over a long history. Meanwhile, the inherent traditional cultural spirit embodied by him is being reconstructed. In terms of content design, the ACGN games based on traditional realism tend to refresh people’s collective memories of Zhuge Liang to enhance the stickiness factor of the games, thus creating a sense of familiarity to make the transmitted information easier for the game players to accept. The modern fashionable games, however, are good at leveraging the advantages of technologies to form a tipping point and incorporating fashion elements into the traditional image of Zhuge Liang to attract players, thus enhancing the communication effect. In terms of environmental construction, the ACGN games have created a new industrial environment featuring “ACGN + traditional culture,” which changes the traditional image of Zhuge Liang by means of ACGN game technology while retaining its basic cultural characteristics to provide players with a better immersive and interactive experience




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