This paper examines the current status and development dilemma of the children’s folk sports culture in the junction area between Chongqing and Hubei with reference to relevant literature. After the literature review and summary, the study finds there are several factors restricting the inheritance and development of the children’s folk sports culture in the area, including insufficiency of theoretical analysis, weak public support in cities, blind imitation of modern sports culture, and absence of policy support. To address the above problems, we put forward several suggestions to promote the inheritance and development of children’s folk sports game culture. First, we should focus on the theoretical research and cultural dissemination of children’s folk sports culture. Second, we should improve the basic rules of children’s folk sports games. Third, importance should be attached to government support in developing children’s folk sports game culture. Fourth, we should ensure the continuation and inheritance of children’s folk sports culture via school activities. Finally, we should carry forward children’s folk sports culture and explore ways to develop excellent cultural tourism.




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