The delivery of targeted family education guidance services is essential for establishing a three-in-one education model that encompasses families, schools, and communities. It is also the key to creating a favorable educational environment that promotes the comprehensive and healthy development of individual students. To gain a comprehensive understanding of family education characteristics and trends in Chinese counties, accurately tap into the educational needs of parents, and effectively identify strengths and weaknesses in family education guidance services, this paper employed a quantitative research method based on a questionnaire survey and interview data from J district of C city after years of continuous monitoring of the quality of family education in the area, aiming to explore these issues and put forward several suggestions for improvement. The results indicate that the family learning environment and atmosphere in the district are generally favorable, while parental educational competence requires further improvement. Parents express a strong desire for interactive, systematic, and fragmented family education guidance from schools. Most parents acknowledge the significance of receiving guidance on family education, yet they are disinclined to actively engage in learning-related activities. While the operational mechanisms of county-level family education guidance services have been continuously improved, there is a need for greater overall coordination. Furthermore, the potential of school-led family education guidance services has yet to be fully tapped, and the scientific and professional standards of such guidance need to be further enhanced. Based on the aforementioned findings, we propose recommendations for improvement. Using J district’s effective improvement practices in management, curriculum, and teams as an example, we intend to explore practical ways to promote county-level family education guidance services and provide a valuable reference for the establishment of a comprehensive and effective system to improve such services.




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