The idea of cultural route heritage protection expands the protection theory for world cultural heritage. The Long March route carries the prominent characteristic of cultural route heritage. By actively building the Long March National Cultural Park, China has strengthened the overall protection and integrated utilization of the Long March cultural heritage, upgraded the hardware facilities for exhibition, and investigated ways to protect cultural route heritage with Chinese characteristics. During the construction of the Park, it is necessary to draw on the concept and norms of the cultural route heritage protection, optimize the construction approach, and make the construction of the Park more in line with the linear cultural characteristics of Long March heritage. Specifically, it is proposed to improve the Long March cultural route heritage protection system oriented towards “authenticity” protection, to deeply tap and interpret the prominent universal worth of the Long March route, augmenting the international dissemination of the Long March culture in an innovative way, and realizing a more scientific and effective protection and utilization of Long March cultural resources.




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