Yang Wanli, a renowned poet of the Southern Song Dynasty (1127–1279 AD), has left an indelible mark on the history of Chinese literature with his unique artistic style. He pioneered the Chengzhai Poetic Style, a unique approach characterized by simplicity, naturalness, freshness, and liveliness in poetic creation. This style marked a turning point in the development of Song poetry and exerted a profound influence on the subsequent trends of Song poetry. As such, he was hailed as a “Leader in Poetry” by his contemporaries. The Chengzhai Poetic Style was gradually formed during Yang’s creation course, under the influence of several important factors, including the Bashu culture and its aesthetic taste represented by Zhang Jun and Zhang Shi, the Zen philosophy that emphasizes liveliness prevailing in the Shu area, and the view that the “Chinese Yi-ology has its roots in the Shu area.” Meanwhile, in the Collected Works of Chengzhai (Chengzhai Ji), there are many poems and essays about the Bashu area, which have provided valuable feedback to the Bashu literature and enriched its content.




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